About me

I’ve worn many hats over the years, but ultimately what I do is help solve people’s problems with well-considered design thinking.

I’ve been helping make the web since the very beginning

When I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in Graphic Design, the first thing I did was go straight back to teach a class in web design (building websites as a side hustle was enough of a qualification to get a job back then). As Douglas Adams famously pointed out:

“Anything that’s invented between when you’re fifteen and thirty-five is new and exciting and revolutionary and you can probably get a career in it.”

~ Douglas Adams, the Salmon of Doubt

Passionate about technology…

My first full-time role was working in a startup e-commerce business, putting my new design, brand and development skills to professional use on a range of early e-commerce sites, and ever since I’ve never stopped being fascinated by the possibilities that technology enables for creativity, commerce, communication and self-expression.

…and about passionate people.

Even that early in my career however, I quickly landed an extra responsibility of “liaison officer”, which involved training other staff members in the technologies we were developing, as well as providing a clear, effective communication channel between designers, developers, administrative staff, and business leaders.

This became a theme of my career over the next two decades: I was the person to go to to smooth out a communication issue, come up with a creative solution to a technical problem, help guide someone towards their goals, or dispense some straight talking advice to allow people to move ahead in any tricky situation.

Captain of my own ship

Today, after 20 years working for businesses whose clients, goals and motivations were often out of my control, I’m now working on my own terms. I work for clients whom I respect, and that value my work. If you think you might like to work with me too, get in touch – I’d love to have a chat. 🙂


Head of UX
Whitespace + Dentsu Creative

2005 – 2023, 18 years

  • Lead a cross-functional team of UX designers, UI designers, content managers, product owners, and QA engineers to deliver award-winning digital experiences for diverse clients.
  • Championed user-centred design principles, ensuring products meet user needs and exceed expectations.
  • Developed and executed UX strategies, resulting in improved usability, accessibility, and overall customer satisfaction.
  • Collaborated closely with stakeholders, including clients and internal teams, to align design decisions with business goals.
  • Managed end-to-end design processes, from research and ideation to prototyping , user testing and quality assurance.
  • Mentored and coached team members, fostering professional growth and promoting a culture of care, compassion and success.

Associate Director

2017 – 2021, 4 years

  • As a board member, guided the organisation through its most successful period, leading to the company’s acquisition by dentsu international.
  • Played a key role in maintaining the company’s respected and forward-thinking culture throughout the acquisition process.
  • Assisted in business strategy development and contributed to the overall growth and profitability of the organisation.

Web designer and developer – Scotweb marketing

2003 – 2005, 2 years

  • Designed and developed multiple e-commerce stores, focusing on accessible, intuitive user experiences and visually appealing designs.
Alex Turnbull is sitting at a table in a meeting room looking relaxed, he appears to be addressing a number of people in the room.

Heard enough?

If you’d like to speak to me just for a chat, or perhaps to discuss a potential project, I’d love to hear from you.