Coaching and mentoring

I am a trained coach and have a proven track record of coaching and mentoring both design professionals and business leaders to help them exceed their goals.

As a personal coach, I can help you:

  • Successfully transition into a career in UX
  • Craft a portfolio that sets you apart from the crowd
  • Prepare for an unforgettable interview
  • Develop your skills in your current role and help you get promoted
  • Negotiate effectively for better pay

“If you’re new to UX or just need someone to help you progress in your career, you NEED to contact Alex. He’s been instrumental in my career, so grateful for him 🙏🏾”

~ Dinesh Desikan, Senior User Researcher, Registers of Scotland

And as a mentor for your business, I can help you discover:

  • Where your app or website is failing your customers
  • How to increase sales and conversions
  • Why your customers aren’t coming back to your site
  • When to do research
  • How to develop an effective UX Strategy

“As a mentor Alex helped me grow tremendously. As a leader and role model he is an exemplar. Day-to-day he is someone you always want to work with, and during times of uncertainty Alex can navigate change and difficulty with grace and confidence.”

~ Sam Selbie, Senior UX Designer

You can now subscribe up to have me as your mentor over on Mentorcruise. Remember there’s a no-commitment 7-day trial so you’ve nothing to lose, but if you’re still not sure, get in touch and maybe we can work out a specific plan to suit your needs.

I also do…


I’ve been a team leader, a project leader, a business leader, and I’m an advocate for combining leadership with design thinking to drive innovation and success.

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