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I’ve developed research, design and testing strategies for household-name brands with global reach; strategies that have exceeded clients’ expectations and delivered amazing results.

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Case study

Forestry and Land Scotland

The brief

When the former Forestry Commission split into two separate bodies, Whitespace were asked to rebuild the Forestry and Land Scotland website to fit their new mandate, and to update it so that it would better meets user needs and deliver increased value to Forestry and Land Scotland.

As a government organisation, it was imperative that we were able to deliver a considered, and thoroughly user-centred approach to the entire project.


My part in the agency team was to oversee the creation of a complete UX strategy that met the client’s needs, that included user research designed to validate our assumptions through every step of the process. The research plan involved:​

  • A kick off meeting to understand the website, its users, and its stakeholders​
  • Surveying over 300 website users to gather top tasks and high level feedback on the website​
  • In-person moderated user testing of existing website​
  • Moderated user testing of a prototype website​

The results

Ultimately 72% of users agreed that the new website was ‘significantly better’ or ‘somewhat better’ than the previous site. The client was also delighted with the process:

“The user testing was enormously helpful. It was carefully conceived and well executed. Features and functions in our website were tested with users through a controlled and scientific approach, resulting in a range of actionable findings that meaningfully guided our website reskin project. This provided indispensable help in steering our website work for the demonstrable benefit of all our users.”

Mike Batchelor, Digital Communications Platforms Manager at Forestry and Land Scotland​

Case study


The brief

Whitespace were tasked with leading a redesign of the Scotland.org website using the Scottish Government ”Digital First” methodology. ​

This user-centred approach required a rigorous process, and keen attention to detail, ensuring that research methods were transparent, and assumptions validated with users throughout the entire process. ​


In order to meet the stringent requirements of Digital First, my role on the team was to develop a UX strategy that included:

  • 4 rounds of remote, moderated testing with users from around the globe ​
  • One round of accessibility testing with users living with a variety of impairments​

In order to determine which parts of the website we would focus on in our design sprints, I also proposed an initial ‘discovery’ round of user testing.

Another requirement of Digital First is ongoing testing and validation, and it was my role to develop the design sprint plan, as well as the ongoing testing & analysis method that would ensure the transparency and consistency required by Digital First. ​​​

The results

Following a series of rigorous face-to-face assessments, Scotland.org became one of the very first websites to pass a full Scottish Government Digital First assessment, and had a huge effect on the site’s effectiveness.

  • +408% Increased site visits YOY
  • +83% Increased engagement with key site sections
  • +1,035% Increased partner referrals

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